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The Xerox DocuTech 6180 is the next generation in digital document production. The 6180 allows you to receive, process and print different jobs all at the same time – giving a new meaning to ‘Print-on-demand’! Print-ready files can be transported electronically using removable media, LAN or WAN connections, high-speed modems or the Internet.

Cut-sheet printing enables automated finishing of complex documents, and covers, tabs and inserts can all be pre-programmed and inserted into the job on-line. ImageSense Technology
fine tunes printing for optimum quality, resulting in better half-tones, shading and fine-line reproduction.


The 6180 prints at an incredible 180 A4 impressions per minute.

  • 180 A4 impressions per minute
  • Dual Processor Sun SPARC Ultra2 Workstation – Solaris Operating System 256 MB RAM
  • ImageSense enhanced 600 dpi resolution
  • Industry standard LAN support
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • Variable pitch printing