Higher Speed Printing With Rich Color Density

Seiko ColorPainter W-64s is Ideal for Wide Variety of Applications:

  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Labels
  • Cut decals
  • POP displays
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Cut letters and much more


More Details In Dark Areas, Better Backlit Graphics

The high density inks used in the Seiko have less carriers and more pigments, so each dot is more crisp – providing better clarity and detail. While other prints lose density as they go faster due to small drop sizes and low viscosity inks, the ColorPainter W-64s uses high viscosity inks and and piezo-inkjet heads to deliver outstanding image quality and no color density loss. Improved dot patterns enable razor sharp, crisp images at all print modes. High-resolution print modes automatically maximize image quality and color density, producing outstanding image quality with less graininess.