Perfect Print-to-Cut Registration

The Applications for AXYZ CNC Router with i-Cut is Limitless:

  • Produce a variety of finished graphic products
  • Flat and dimensional point of purchase
  • In-store displays
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Freeform graphic shapes

AXYZ  can cut and rout signs and sign letters, create perfect free-form shapes for merchandising and sales displays, and the large six-inch gantry clearance allows us to cut thick materials too.

The AXYZ  router has assumed virtual benchmark status in the sign and graphics industry. It has an effective bed size of 120″ (length) x 60″(width) and is particularly suited to the processing of 8′ x 4′ sheets of material (typically: acrylic, aluminium, plastics and their derivatives, polycarbonate, foamed board, PVC, ACM and MDF). The router is available with a host of optional additional features. These include an Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility that has recently been upgraded from seven up to twenty-one stations to accommodate multiple tooling requirements and the latest ICS (Intelligent Cutting System) that enables owners of AXYZ routers to provide unprecedented levels of accuracy when processing both digitally-printed media and thicker sign making materials.

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