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Augmented Reality In Your Hand

Is your creative team looking for new ways to captivate your customers and elevate some of your packaging efforts? Why not create a visual story with your next packaging or print marketing project using any mobile phone to activate?

Have you considered adding augmented reality technology that can bring your client’s story to life and engage consumers directly from your catalogs, labels, or most packaging designs? You could share moving images, videos, photos, and even links to your client’s social media sites to extend your branding efforts.

This game-changing technology can be activated with any printed label on cans, bottles, posters, catalog covers, or displays making it a great fit for all types of printed items. And once you’re set up, you can check activity and manage your content, social links, and direct sales links with changes or updates anytime.

We can help show you how easy it is to get started with our custom printing solutions featuring this new AR technology. If you would like more information on how you might create a cross-media experience with your brands reach out to me. We would be happy to send you more information to show you how easy this is to create content for your brand’s story when using a printed product.

Creating content is easy with several pre-built templates or themes that could be created with your creative or social media team to share your customer’s unique story using print and cross-media together using a simple app on your phone.

Amplify the experience, engage, educate, and inform your brand awareness.

Print Still Works; Enhance your brand’s story using print with sound, and videos.