Captivating Window Posters and Window Graphics

Window posters and window graphics are an excellent solution for short term campaigns, seasonal marketing messages or attention-grabbing photo enlargements. They can be hung or can be easily applied directly to the inside or exterior of the glass. Custom posters can be output onto standard paper, boards or plastics—or try translucent materials to let more light through the glass and into the indoor environment. Back and front lamination is available to help your posters last, in a variety of thicknesses and finishes.

Spread the Word with Custom Posters

Posters are affordable for indoor use and can be installed on a wall or in a window display. With our special UV inks, window graphics can easily withstand sunlight and when output onto vinyl can withstand harsh elements for years. They make a perfect solution for short term ad campaigns, special promotions, enlarging photos, and combining imagery with brand messages. They provide a colorful and powerful statement, combining an affordable price point with large size for added visual impact. Complete your brand communications by combining window treatments with outdoor signs or full-coverage wall wraps.

Paper Options & Laminated Finishes:

  • Standard matte paper is an inexpensive option
  • Photo paper for areas with light reflections
  • Photo gloss paper has excellent picture-like quality
  • Heavyweight matte and gloss waterproof paper
  • UV protection is available for long-lasting color in very sunny situations
  • Many other paper and vinyl surfaces are available, in a variety of weights
  • Matte, gloss and high gloss lamination adds durability and is available in a variety of thicknesses

Creative Applications:

  • Promote new menu items at restaurant and food establishments
  • Add fun poster imagery to fitness and sports clubs 
  • Add beautiful poster images for beauty and spa locations
  • Custom posters to promote upcoming acts for arts, entertainment and music venues