Duplication Services

DPI Direct offers quality CD duplication services from our state-of-the-art production facility. Our services include short run and volume CD duplication for conference CDs, promotional CDs, audio/music discs, software releases, product catalogs and supplementary disc-based corporate marketing material. DPI Direct supplies high-quality glass-mastered (pressed) CDs that are printed from 500+ pieces, with a variety of packaging available. Please contact us for more information about our CD duplication or audio CD production services, including price lists.

SD Card and Micro SD Card Duplication

We are SD card duplication experts, use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your content has not only been properly copied to the required media, but that it’s completely there.

USB Thumb Drive Duplication

USB flash drives, or thumb drives, comes in many different sizes. It is ideal for trade show handouts, temporary file transfer, or everyday inner office use. Sizes range from 4 GB to 256 GB. USB flash drives are compatible with most all the computers supporting a USB port, making them a great promotional item for marketing and instructional videos. USB stick loading can be a tedious and time consuming aspect of your project. Let us load data for you, fast and efficiently.

USB duplication refers to the process of creating multiple copies of data on USB drives. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as distributing marketing materials, creating backups of important data, or distributing software.

DPI Directs offers USB duplication services, which involve the use of specialized equipment to create multiple copies of a master USB drive. The equipment can be configured to duplicate a certain number of copies at a time, and the process is typically automated to ensure speed and accuracy.

DPI Direct offers additional services, such as custom packaging, data loading, and data preloading. Custom packaging involves creating custom packaging for the USB drives, such as custom boxes or custom printing on the drives themselves. Data loading involves transferring specific data onto the USB drives before they are shipped, while data preloading involves transferring data onto the drives in advance, so that they are ready to use as soon as they are plugged in.

Overall, DPI Directs’s USB duplication service can be a useful tool for businesses and organizations looking to distribute large amounts of data in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

DVD Duplication

DPI Direct offers short run DVD Duplication solutions and volume DVD replication for full length movies, short films, instructional videos, presentations and additional marketing collateral. DVD replication is done on large volume copying of a glass-mastered or pressed DVD. DVDs are then copied by stamping an impression of the master disc onto blank DVDs. This is an efficient and highly effective method of replicating DVDs on a mass scale.