Affordable Museum-Quality Posters

  • Photographic prints up to 50 inches wide
  • Vivid, durable colors for back-lit and reflective applications
  • Great for fast turnaround projects
  • Protecting your brand image with consistent color matching over multiple runs

The high speed photographic output from our two LightJet 430s is just one of the reasons that top brands partner with DPI Direct. We are the only company in San Diego with two LighJet 430s in house, which allows our team to deliver your LightJet photo prints on time under even the most demanding deadlines.

True Photographs on Actual Photographic Paper

LightJet printers set the standard with true-photographic, continuous-tone quality. Inkjet and electrostatic printers cannot match the LightJet’s photographic capabilities, especially in areas of highlight and shadow detail. There are some things that even a 1200 or 1400 dpi inkjet printer just cannot do. They can simulate or come close to continuous tone, but there are special wide format printers that achieve continuous tone naturally. The LightJet exposes photographic paper with laser light. There is no ink, and no printhead going back and forth, hence no banding, no grainy dot pattern.

A LightJet photograph is an actual photographic print exposed by the LightJet 430 laser photo imager. The printer reads the information in a digital file, then uses lasers to expose the image onto various photo materials made by Kodak and Fuji. These materials such as our premium Fujiflex archival grade paper have been tested to be more archival than other popular color printing methods (lasting over 60 years without noticeable fading in controlled conditions), including Ilfochrome printing. Unlike inkjet prints, which lay ink on paper, LightJet prints are made on light-sensitive photo paper, which is exposed with red, green and blue lasers. The result is smoother gradients, and increased highlight and shadow detail over any other digital printing techniques used for large photo prints.

Archival Quality

The LightJet 430 prints true continuous tone images up to 50 inches by 120 inches with an apparent resolution of an astounding 4,000 dpi. And, built-in interpolation software smoothly scales any of your low resolution images to produce optimal printing results. Normal exposure to indoor light sources should not cause any significant fading for 60 or more years. However, direct sunlight may shorten lifespan of these the prints, so Lightjet prints are normally not recommended for long-term outdoor use.