LightJet printing on Fujiflex crystal archive photographic material is revered by fine artists worldwide for its image quality and detail. It is a true photographic printing material, on a polyester base. Fujiflex has an extremely glass-like surface with high color saturation and depth. Images appear almost three-dimensional.

This material has a superior gray balance and tonality, plus outstanding image stability. Fujiflex produces rich image color for all large photo prints, pure whites, and razor-sharp letters with exceptional surface gloss and flatness.

Features of Fujiflex:

  • White polyester-based material
  • Superior gray balance and tonality
  • Advanced coupler technology
  • Helps colors resist fading
  • Helps white areas resist yellowing
  • Hybrid image stabilizing technology
  • Incorporates anti-fading agents
  • Designed for use with RA-4 chemistry

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