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For file preparation, please create your artwork and digital files using the parameters outlined below. Following these specific guidelines will allow us to better meet your deadlines and quality requirements.

Missing support files and fonts can cause delays in the production of your project.

File Types

Fully composed art files are accepted in any of the following programs:

Adobe Photoshop Files

    • Set up Photoshop files at 300 dpi at final size for best quality.
    • Save as RGB TIFF. LZW compressed.
    • Do not tile mural images.

InDesign / Quark Xpress Files

    • Convert fonts to outlines and export a high resolution PDF with bleed.
    • Send fonts even if the type is outlined.
    • Build files in CMYK or RGB color space but do not use both.
    • Do not tile mural images.
    • Do not use trap settings. Do not use text attributes from text pallet.

Adobe Illustrator Files

    • Convert type to outlines if possible. Send fonts even if the type is outlined.
    • Embedded images should be at least 100 dpi.
    • Build files in RGB color space.
    • Do not use trap settings.

PDF Files

    • Distilled at 100% and at appropriate dpi.
    • Embed images and outline fonts.


    • Convert all fonts to outlines, curves or paths.
    • Supply all fonts if you can’t outline them. Use collect for output.
    • Do not use text attributes from text pallet.

Transparency & Gradient Meshes

Elements that use transparency or gradient meshes should be rasterized or flattened. (If color matching is required please do not flatten or rasterize)

Sending In Art Files

Upload to DPI Direct via Upload Tab
Or submit your files on CD, DVD, or USB flashdrive.

Supplied Visuals

Please state on the print if we are to color match to the visual otherwise it will be accepted that it is for content only. No liability can be accepted for job that are supplied without visuals.

Color Matching

Use Pantone to process coated for reference. If you have a specific color critical Pantone or spot color we can either supply a color test print/color chart or provide you with a RGB color breakdown.


When creating your artwork you can work to any sensible scale such as 50%, 25%, or 10%. Artwork should be at least 100 dpi at final size.


For standard commercial printing, CMYK files are preferred. For large format printing, RGB files are preferred.

Color Profiles?

For RGB images use Adobe RGB (1998).


1/4” bleed for all files.


300 dpi preferred, with a minimum of 100 dpi at final size for large format.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us here or call our office at 858-874-7750.