The Ultimate Source for San Diego Photographers

We work closely with internationally-renowned artists, photographers and galleries to produce collector-quality digital prints on our two LightJet printers. Since its introduction, the LightJet has emerged as the printer of choice for fine-art printing, and our experienced team has been working with LightJet devices for over a decade.

For large scale outdoor projects requiring the ultimate in durability, we utilize constantly calibrated inkjet devices, which can print on a wide range of flexible, rigid or adhesive materials. Every professional photo project we print is carefully reviewed for quality and accuracy. Our multiple professional photo printing devices, responsive customer care team, cutting-edge job-tracking system, and experienced production staff working multiple shifts all combine to allow us to produce high-quality large-scale campaigns under even the most demanding schedules.

Large Photo Prints

Imagine Your Brand in Any Environment

We can create large photo prints on virtually any material, ideal for making your brand shine on walls, windows, vehicles, etc. – using rigid or flexible materials. At DPI Direct we offer fast-turnaround digital printing using the latest color-calibrated devices. Large photo prints easily add messaging at trade show events or the walls of your corporate facility – they are an excellent start to building brand awareness.

Professional Printing, Large Format - Offset Printing - Labels -

Professional Printing, Large Format - Offset Printing - Labels -

LightJet Photo Prints

True Photo Realism

LightJet photo prints are ideal for making your images pop, great for hanging or window displays. Whatever your requirements we can get speedy digital printing done using the highest photo quality, utilizing wide format printers and a variety of materials. Large LightJet photo prints with your brand message quickly communicate the latest happenings at your company.

Face-mount Acrylic Prints

Turn Your Images Into Gallery Quality Art

Acrylic face-mount prints are an exciting new way of showcase your digital art and photography, offering an amazing level of vibrancy and color. Standard LightJet material is most often used for acrylic prints, however archival-quality Fujiflex material and metallic material are also available.

Professional Printing, Large Format - Offset Printing - Labels -

Professional Printing, Large Format - Offset Printing - Labels -

LightJet Printing onto Fujiflex

The Standard for Fine Art Printing

Photographic fine artists appreciate the ultimate level of quality using LightJet printing on Fujiflex material. It is a true photographic-quality printing material on a polyester base. The material has an extremely glass-like surface with high color saturation and depth. Images appear 3-dimensional, similar to Ilfochrome (Cibachrome).