What is H-UV?

The Komori H-UV system is a UV curing process that uses high-sensitivity UV inks and the Komori UV lamp to instantly dry press sheets.

That’s right! The Komori H-UV system eliminates drying time and significantly reduces make-ready.

What else is new?

Our new Komori G40 H-UV Press has the same 40-inch sheet size, six color capability, and aqueous coating unit. That means nothing has to change about your favorite soft touch holiday cards—except for the improved print quality and production time thanks to UV curing.

The H-UV press also delivers full page UV coating and reticulated varnish in one pass. This simulates the effect of a spot UV. First, the full-page UV coating is applied. Then, the reticulated varnish creates a very fine stipple texture everywhere except where the “spot UV” is desired.

With a second pass, we can also achieve conventional spot UV.

See a Komori H-UV press in action!

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For more information on the H-UV system compared to conventional UV and traditional oil-based printing, visit Komori’s website.

We’re not up and running with our new press quite yet, but you can still stop by the office to check out samples from the H-UV system!